Invivo NSA: Plant extract additive for pigs, poultry

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Pierre Defalque , additives director at Neovia.
Pierre Defalque , additives director at Neovia.

French animal nutrition company Invivo NSA has expanded its Neovia feed additive portfolio with Powerjet – a patented additive made from plant extracts. The company presented its latest addition at a press conference during EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany. The new feed additive is targeted at a great range of farm animals – pigs, poultry, fish, cows, sheep and goats.

Especially in stressful periods and periods of transition, the feed additive is beneficial, the company told in its presentation. In practice, this comes down to virtually all life stages for most pigs, as the company mentioned weaning, gestation, farrowing or lactation as well as a high ADG period. For poultry, the laying peak could be one of the targeted periods.

Invivo NSA explained the additive’s benefits as being threefold:

• More absorbed nutrients.

• Reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation

• Energy can be used more efficiently for growth


The company reported various positive trial outcomes. On pigs, trials were done at the Nivot Center in Brittany. Researchers confirmed beneficial effects in pigs post-weaning (+1 kg/piglet at 67 days); when used in both sows and piglets, the company speaks of a synergistic effect with piglets at 67 days being 2.15 kg heavier.

Trials in France on layer hens showed that the feed additive caused an improved feed intake, increase of laying rate of 1% and more eggs per hen. Moreover, a trial in Morocco showed that it improved laying rate and egg mass and caused a quick onset of lay.

The product is available in two different concentrations.

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