Interactive nutrition guide launched for pig feeding

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Interactive nutrition guide launched for pig feeding
Interactive nutrition guide launched for pig feeding

French animal nutrition company Adisseo has launched an interactive nutrition guide, available for nutritionists worldwide.

The guide is named e-RNG 2.0 (short for Rhodimet Nutrition Guide). It was launched in July 2013 and is a collection of amino acid recommendations for poultry, swine and aquaculture.

The guide is an interactive tool, supplying amino acid requirements for an extensive range of animal species and strains, and provides total, digestible composition and digestibility coefficients of amino acids in raw materials.

Raw materials

In addition, the amino acid composition of more than 30 different raw materials is added in a separate section. The data was extracted from the Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE), a service by Adisseo.

The initial version was based on the data available in 2002. Many people were interested to check if the modelling approach was still valid on more recent data. As a consequence, the present version is using all the new published works till 2012, confirming the methodology for a larger number of essential amino acids.

This approach gives a simple way to adjust amino acid recommendations to field results more precisely than a constant amino acid to lysine ratio.

They are adaptable to standard or specific conditions and various feeding programmes.


Dr Magalie Nonis, animal scientist at Adisseo, said: “A recent trial conducted in Thailand shows that formulas based on these recommendations resulted in a better adjustment of digestible amino acid requirements to sustain growth with a better economical return compared with usual recommendations.”

The guide is accessible free of charge at as well as through the App Store and Google Play. The tool is available in nine languages, including English, Chinese, Polish, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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