Hypor exports breeding pigs to Asia

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Hypor exports breeding pigs to Asia
Hypor exports breeding pigs to Asia

Pig genetics specialist, Hypor, has expanded its worldwide genetic base further by supplying breeding pig stock to China.

Over the last few months, several shipments of high quality breeding stock have been successfully exported to various countries in the region, including China, Japan and Taiwan.

The animals exported were carefully selected from Hypor’s high health nucleus in Canada.

“These exports enable our customers in Asia to continuously improve the genetic footprint of their operations,” remarked Jacques Sips, Hypor’s general manager in Asia.

In China, significant numbers of breeding pigs were received by Zhejiang Jiahua Pig Breeding Co. Ltd. and Shandong Hypor Liuhe Pig Breeding Farm. 

In Japan, Hypor’s partner received many Hypor Large White, Hypor Landrace and new, Hypor Kanto GGP boars. The boars, Durocs, will be used to produce high quality pork, with significantly higher percentages of intra muscular fat and marbling. After quarantine, the animals were transferred to Hypor Japan’s A.I. stud, in Miyagi. In Taiwan, Hypor’s representative, Nice Garden, received a shipment of breeding pigs from various lines for later distribution in Taiwan.

The export operation required intricate planning, selection of the most appropriate animals and implementation.

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