Hypor convention – targeting sustainable efficiency

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Hypor convention - targeting sustainable efficiency
Hypor convention - targeting sustainable efficiency

Hypor’s 15th convention on pork production was held October 1-3 in La Toja, Spain. Over 200 guests from all over the world, explored exclusively the frontiers of world pork production in every aspect.

Global developments in production, meat processing and the financial side of the industry, innovations in pharmaceuticals, equipment and housing and last but not least the challenges the industry faces in light of making pork production more efficient and sustainable.

Antoon van den Berg, CEO, Hendrix Genetics, opened the convention with a global view about what is going on in global protein production and consumption. He sketched the global challenge and gave everyone a mindset of a realisable future.  The dynamic markets, climate change, growing population, urbanisation and consumer demands are current themes that affect the pork value chain. Despite these constraints Van den Berg concluded that through improvement of the resilience of livestock, by building modern infrastructures, increasing yield, rethinking business models and reshaping policies these challenges can be met.

The developments in the pork industry offer multiple ways to feed the future world. With this perspective a clear frame was created of how all stakeholders in the industry are Targeting Sustainable Efficiency. Innovation, Globalization and Sustainability were picked as the main themes. Speakers from Asia to America presented their view and possible steps the industry can take.  Each session ended with a round table to discuss the different angles.

With the support of three sponsors, Elanco, Symaga and Trouw Nutrition, innovations on housing, feed, pharmaceuticals and genetics were presented. What to expect from the changes in our world? Markets, society demands and trade agreements all are subject to change. Sustainable efficiency in the pork value chain will pave the way for a better future, with care for animal welfare, coping with the growing population and by building a stronger and better valued pork sector.

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