HKScan might lose subsidies when importing pork

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HKScan might lose subsidies when importing pork
HKScan might lose subsidies when importing pork

HKScan Estonia, the largest pork processor in Estonia, might lose state subsidies due to its recent decision to import pigs from Finland.

This was communicated by Ivari Padar, the country’s chairman of the state commission on rural life.

Another blow to Estonia’s pig farming

Padar was quoted to say, “This is another blow to the domestic pig farming. Many farms in Estonia are included in the third quarantine zone (due to African Swine Fever) and full of pigs, but the processors do not want to take high-quality and completely safe meat. As the result the situation on our farms has already close to disaster, and here Rakvere plant begins to import pigs from Finland.”

Padar said that in this situation it is not reasonable to further pay subsidies to HKScan, in the situation when the government makes all efforts to support the domestic pig farming, and get it out of oversupply crisis.

Not questioning the quality of Finnish meat

He continued, “I am not in any way putting into question the quality of meat from Finland, but today, when our pig farmers are in trouble, we should focus on helping them.”

Previously, representatives of HKScan Estonia stated that the company will import live pigs from Finland, as the company believe that the situation with African Swine Fever might pose threat to the quality of meat.

Quarantine zone

Teen Soorm, HKScan’s board chairman, said, “In the fourth quarter we will import live pigs from Finland, as in our daily work we must take into account the fact that in Estonia many pig due to African Swine Fever appeared in third quarantine zone, which affects the criteria for processing of pork. In addition, export of pork from third quarantine zone is prohibited.”

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