Heating sytems for pigs

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Heating sytems for pigs
Heating sytems for pigs

The quality of heaters used contributes to animal well-being. This is the conclusion reached by the Department of Agricultural and Food Protection and Development of the University of Bologna following a study regarding the air conditioning and wellbeing levels of piglets in a building equipped with new heaters supplied by the company Synerprogetti.

In particular, among the advantages identified by research regarding the use of Synerprogetti heating systems was a smaller number of lamps and less operating hours when compared to conventional bell-shaped heaters. This together with a more elevated body temperature that is able to transmit a heightened sense of well-being to animals.  The analysis conducted by the Universities of Bologna and Milan (the latter with the Veterinary Department and with regard to thermographic readings) also showed significant differences in temperature (higher levels) and humidity (lower levels), that resulted in an improvement in the well-being of weaning piglets.

These heaters have a power of 1000 Watts, compared to traditional heaters which usually have a power of 150 Watts.  The analysis took into account a cost of €0.13 cents per kW/h, as stated by the owner of the certified ISO 14000 farm.

The tests were carried out in two piglet weaning halls. One of these was heated by using a traditional 8 bell-shaped heater system, while the other was fitted with four Synerprogetti heaters, mounted in a line on the ceiling of the central corridor. The test focused on the animals in the central sties in each hall, and involved a total of 48 subjects. Temperature and relative humidity sensors were set up in both halls.

***Synerprogetti will showcase its ‘wellbeing’ heaters at Eurotier.

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