‘Healthy guts, healthy piglets’ webinar by Pig Progress

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Photo Henk Riswick
Photo Henk Riswick

Once more, Pig Progress can add another webinar to its schedule: on November 16, 2016, a range of expert speakers will dive deeper into the theme of ‘Healthy guts, healthy piglets’.

The webinar will be recorded live from the animal husbandry show EuroTier 2016, in Hanover, Germany. That is going to be the place where the webinar will be recorded – and audience is welcome!

The webinar, the second in a series, starts at 12.45 pm and will last to 2.15 pm, and will feature 4 knowledgeable speakers:

Charlotte Lauridsen
Researcher, University of Aarhus, Foulum, Denmark
A healthy gut for piglets – an introduction

Aloys Laue
Technical sales manager & nutritionist, Agrokorn, Denmark
Protein concentrate for piglet diets

Atilla Kovacs
Global product line manager – acidifiers, Biomin, Austria
Replacement of acid components in pig diets

Clare Gaukroger
PhD researcher, Newcastle University – speaking on behalf of Novus, United States
Chelated copper with phytase

Be sure not to miss this webinar, you can register for the event here.

The starting time of the ‘Healthy guts, healthy piglets’ webinar corresponds to:

• Chicago, IL, United States: 5.45 am

• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 9.45 am

• London, UK: 11.45 am

• Moscow, Russia: 2.45 pm

• Bangkok, Thailand: 6.45 pm

• Beijing, China: 7.45 pm

• Tokyo, Japan: 8.45 pm

• Sydney, Australia: 10.45 pm

Second in a series on gut health

The webinar is the second in a series of 2 webinars on the theme of ‘Gut health in piglets’. The first webinar is themed ‘Intestinal problems in piglets’, and will be broadcast on that same day, Wednesday, November 16, between 10.00 and 11.30 pm, Central European Time.

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