German research: Piglets benefit from yoghurt diet

22-08-2011 | | |

Recent German research has confirmed that providing yoghurt to young piglets helps in achieving good piglet performance.

The research, carried out at agricultural economical centre Haus Düsse, Bad Sassendorf, zoomed in on the effects of feeding Nuklospray Yoghurt (manufactured by Sloten), fed in liquid form to suckling piglets, starting the day after birth.

The trial was conducted with 92 litters, divided into two groups. The first day, 250 ml of the yoghurt product (400 g powder per litre) was provided, and 500 ml of a control milk replacer (125 g powder per litre). Piglets were subsequently offered a pre-starter.

The litters fed the yoghurt showed higher weaning weights and a lower mortality rate. In addition, the yoghurt initiated early feed intake, smoothened transition to the pre-starter phase, and stimulated feed intake in the post-weaning phase as well.

The piglets that were fed the yoghurt during suckling gained more weight in the six weeks after weaning. Especially light piglets and piglets from large litters benefited more.

More information about the research can be read here and will also be published in an article in the Pig Progress Special Edition on Piglet Feeding, to appear shortly.

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