German pig welfare initiative draws large demand

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German pig welfare initiative draws large demand
German pig welfare initiative draws large demand

Interest for the German animal welfare project ‘Initiative Tierwohl’ has turned out to be so large that it might entirely drain the fund that would have to take care of the premiums.

German agricultural title TopAgrar reports that there is no guarantee that all participation applications can be met. Perhaps an old-fashioned lottery might have to decide who is in and who might be out.

The exact number of applications is hitherto unknown; the project leaders aim for next week Monday or Tuesday to know. Subsequently the specific welfare demands are being established, so it will be known the premium amounts required.

Initiative Tierwohl’s business leader Alexander Hinrichs told TopAgrar that the organisation aims to expand the number of supermarkets which are liaised to the fund. If this plan would succeed, there is room for additional pork producers.

The fund is being supported with €0.04 per kg meat sold to customers.

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