Genesus ships purebreds to Humane Farming, China

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Genesus ships purebreds to Humane Farming, China
Genesus ships purebreds to Humane Farming, China

Canadian breeder Genesus shipped another delivery of high quality registered purebred swine breeding stock to Toniliao Humane Farming in China.

The Chinese company was established in May 2011 and is an agricultural and livestock production company. Their chief focus is to produce a chain of ‘green’ products. Their main business activity has concentrated on feed production with 16 production facilities. Products are sold and distributed in 19 provinces in China.

Under the pig farm division, Humane has a total of six farms producing slaughter pigs. In February 2012, Humane built up a project site in Tongliaoo, Inner Mongolia, with a capacity to produce up to 300,000 slaughter pigs and to produce up to 180,000 tonnes of commercial feeds. To improve the quality of the slaughter pigs, Humane has imported purebreds from Genesus. These pigs will be the foundation to produce breeding pigs to fulfil its own requirements and to further develop the commercial farms by providing excellent genetics. The commercial pigs will be slaughtered in their own facility.

Genesus says it in 2013, it was the largest exporter of swine breeding stock from North America. Only recently, the company shipped a delivery to Tecon Group of Urumqi, Xianjiang Province, China.

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