FSIS: Changes to meat import inspection policies

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FSIS: Changes to meat import inspection policies
FSIS: Changes to meat import inspection policies

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS or the agency) has published a proposed rule identifying several changes to the import inspection procedures and requirements as they relate to the agency’s Public Health Information System (PHIS).

Specifically, FSIS is proposing changes to the information required on all foreign establishment certificates and imported product inspection certificates accompanying imported product to allow them to be electronically transmitted through the PHIS system.

The Federal Register notice also ends two current import inspection procedures.  First, the agency stated that lost or missing foreign inspection certificates need to be replaced before FSIS will proceed with reinspection and permit accepted imported product to enter U.S. commerce.  Previously, products could be accepted with a foreign government’s guarantee to replace the missing certificate within 30 days.  FSIS also discussed the enforcement actions it will automatically take regarding product that inadvertently does not go through reinspection when it enters the U.S.

FSIS will accept comments on the proposed rules through 28 January 2013.

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