Finnish launch deodorisation pipe to the market

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Finnish launch deodorisation pipe to the market
Finnish launch deodorisation pipe to the market

A Finnish company is going international by introducing a deodorisation product which is aimed to achieve better growth rates for pigs and better conditions for employees.

The deodorisation pipe, produced and marketed by Johematic, is an extension of a farm’s water supply. The transparent plastic pipes are filled with ceramic pellets, combined with oxidised metals. Right above the pipe is a source of UV-light. When the ceramic pellets react with the UV-light, electrons come into existence.

These electrons cause the water to become ‘hydrogenated’, which in turn is capable of affecting and activating normal bacterial flora in a pig’s gastro-intestinal tract. Thus it functions as deterrent to odour-causing bacteria. As a result, odours from pig manure are reduced tremendously.

The company has started marketing the product in Finland various years ago. In the country, now about 60 customers are using it without any complaints. Many of them started with only one pipe – the largest customer even uses five in one building.

The company is using dealers in various European countries, while looking for more dealers to expand its range.

The deodorisation pipe only needs to be installed to the existing water supply. Only one pipe is required per about 1,000 pigs. Most restrictive is water-flow, it should be 25-30 l/min per pipe.

A normal water sterilisation/cleaning system is required in order to maintain the normal function of the pipe.

Users have noticed a series of effects, having used the pipe, including e.g. less smell and less harmful gases in pig houses; better feed intake and growth; less tail and ear biting; less smell when spreading slurry; more comfortable working conditions inside the pig houses.

Various trials have been carried out to test the effect of the research, some results can be read here.

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