Fermented feed is the future for pigs

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Photo: Ronad Hissink
Photo: Ronad Hissink

Applying fermentation is definitely the way ahead – that is the conviction of Dutch feed company ForFarmers. The company is optimising the process to deliver quality and consistent liquid product.

Bram van den Oever is pig nutritionist at ForFarmers and specialist of liquid feed and fermentation. He knows exactly what the pros of feeding fermented liquid feed are. In short, it is a process by which lactic acid is formed, a substance being good for pig gut health.

Getting consistent feed quality has long been an issue. ForFarmers has been investing in fermented feed for many years and has developed its own complete concept.

What has been learnt about fermented pig feed so far?

“After the initial experiences with fermentation, it appeared to be promising feed concept. Yet the process was too laborious. Feed batches also failed and the feed was too variable in quality. Therefore, a lot of time and money have been invested since 2010 to study fermented pig feed in greater detail. Since then, much has changed, such as the bacterial culture we use, the temperature used and the raw materials which are used for fermentation. Pig farmers simply want a stable product, which can be produced quickly and easily and actually improve the health of animals. This can be the incentive for pig farmers to change the feeding system.”

Why is your company so keen to invest in this type of feeding?

“Our ambition is to deliver concepts to our customers so that they can achieve their farm goals as efficiently as possible. The fermentation concept helps our customers to increase their feed efficiency and to lower the feed costs. At the same time, it enables them to produce in a more sustainable way with less use of nitrogen and phosphate and less use of antibiotics. This can only be achieved with an overall concept, focusing on a successful fermentation.”

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