Fenugreek extract improves growth in pigs and poultry

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Fenugreek extract improves growth in pigs and poultry
Fenugreek extract improves growth in pigs and poultry

All-natural fenugreek powder extract can improve growth performance, feed conversion and reduces ammonia odour. This is the result from five studies, completed at the University of Dankook, South Korea in late 2013.

Three of these studies were completed with growing, lactating and weanling pigs and the remaining two were completed with layer and broiler chickens.

Conclusions of the studies

The pig studies indicated that supplementation of the fenugreek powder (Nutrifen) in their diet significantly improved growth performance, nutrient digestibility and reduced ammonia and hydrogen sulfide compared to the control group. The chicken groups had improved feed conversion, nutrient digestibility and reduced ammonia with the introduction of the powder to their diet. Eggs had higher weight, thicker shell, improved yolk colour and improved HDL cholesterol.

Background fenugreek powder

The active ingredient in Nutrifen is diosgenin. Diosgenin is a unique naturally occurring steroidal sapongenin that has been proven to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more natural growth hormones. Diosgenin is a component of the compound saponin which is found in the fenugreek seed. Saponins have been proven to inhibit urease in the animal’s digestive system. This will effectively reduce the amount of ammonia emissions produced by the animal by inhibiting the splitting of urea into its two separate components – ammonia and CO2.

Emerald Seed Products, Avonlea, Canada and Daehan Chemtech, Seoul, South Korea partnered together to provide funding for this research. Emerald Seed Products manufactures Nutrifen in its facility in Avonlea, Canada.

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