Eurotier 2010 premier: The new Ö² pig farm concept -Graakjaer Group of companies

12-11-2010 | | |

Graakjaer offers highly productive and solid buildings for pigs, cows and fishes. The most recent development is the so called Ö² fattening unit concept and it is a world premier for Graakaer.

Simple and standardised
This system is addressed to farmers who look for a very simple standardised building for finishers, which can be set up for a very low price.
CEO of Graakjaer Germany René Christensen says: “This Ö² project is in its consistency an absolute premier in the farming sector all around Europe. Everything is standardised (and perfectly developed), only the needed essentials for fattening pigs are taken into account. This gives us the chance to offer extremely low prices which lead to a very quick break even.
The price for such a turnkey object starts at 270 Euro (net).Only Graakjaer offers such a consistency as well in the premium building sector as also in the budget building sector.”
New export division started
As more and more projects of bigger sizes will be set up in outside the key markets of Denmark, The netherlands and Germany, Graakjaer decided to establish an export division. One of the key aspects is that Graakjaer ensures that the investor’s next building comply with all laws and regulations and that a farm is optimal concerning production, storing – and working environment.  In the beginning the focus lies on the markets of Eastern Europe.
*** The company will have a stand at Eurotier 2010: A 29/33 Hal 12

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