EU: Strong measures to support pig farmers

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Phil Hogan, EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner
Phil Hogan, EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner

The European Commission has announced an additional package of exceptional measures to support EU farmers while safeguarding the European Union (EU) internal market. Pigmeat and dairy products are among those that get support.

The series of measures outlined by commissioner Phil Hogan to the agriculture ministers of the European Union complements the €500 million support package announced in September 2015.

Dairy, pigmeat and fruit and vegetable sectors are the main focus of the support package. In a press release, the Commission says the measures are highly adjustable so that EU member states can use them to the best of their capacities depending on their specific national situation.

For the pig sector, the following measures jumped out.

Using all instruments

Hogan said at the council of agriculture ministers: “In the interest of EU farmers, I am prepared to use all instruments that the legislators have put at our disposal, both as a short term and long term measure. We must use the appropriate instruments and actions to enable farmers to be resilient in the face of volatility whilst providing immediate assistance to them. Today’s response is a comprehensive one, taking on board as many of the proposals as can be done, within the legal and budgetary constraints that apply to all of us. I believe that this is a package of measures which, when taken with the full implementation of the September solidarity package, can have a material and positive impact on European agricultural markets and it should now be given the chance to succeed.”

Investments despite budgetary constraints

The press release states that in times of numerous crises and budgetary constraints, the commission has mobilised more than €1 billion over two years, including the €500 million support package from September 2015, mentioned earlier.

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