EU in 2011: Pork exports up, imports down

27-01-2012 | | |

Pork imports into the European Union came down in 2011 in comparison with one year earlier. Exports from the EU, however, went up by over 20%.

Figures, released by the European Commission, showed that the EU imported about 15% less pork than one year earlier. The largest volume of pork was imported from Switzerland (15,929 tonnes), followed by Chile (8,186 tonne) and the United States (5,559 tonne). Total import value until November 2011 was €43.4 million.
In contrast, exports from the EU grew strongly by 20.5% to a volume of 2.96 million tonnes of pork. Major shares went to Russia (788,788 tonnes), followed by Hong Kong (509,979 tonnes) and China (362,687 tonnes).
The total pork export value amounted to about €4.6 billion.
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