Enzymes support sow conformation during lactation

10-02-2011 | | |

Weight and backfat losses during lactation are reduced when lactating sows receive a feed containing Rovabio Excel, an NSP enzyme developed by Adisseo.

Adisseo conducted six trials throughout the world concerning more than 500 sows. The sows had different genetics, were fed different feed compositions and had various ages at weaning of the piglets.
Results showed that on average weight loss can be reduced during lactation by more than 3 kg, and backfat thickness by 24% from farrowing to weaning when the enzyme was added to the feed.
The effect of the enzyme was even greater on sows losing more than 10 kg during lactation – the reduced weight loss appears to be more than 4 kg.
All NSP-diets
Such efficiency has been demonstrated in high NSP (wheat/barley) as well as in low NSP (corn) based diets.
These results can partly be explained by a greater feed intake during lactation, especially on sows of parities 1 and 2, and a better nutrient utilisation with diets containing the enzyme. The advantage is thus a decreased tissue mobilization.
From a meta-analysis performed on all experiments combined, which gives a higher statistical power to detect an effect in such trials, it showed that the differences had a real statistical significance.
Rovabio Excel is a combination of 19 fully-compatible enzyme activities, such as xylanases, beta-glucanases, cellulases, etc. The multi-species feed enzyme has already delivered beneficial results in piglets and fattening pigs.
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