Environmental laws pressurise Chinese pig industry

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Environmental laws pressurise Chinese pig industry
Environmental laws pressurise Chinese pig industry

China’s total number of pigs offered for slaughter at commercial slaughterhouses in June dropped by 6.2% compared to one month earlier. In comparison to one year before, the decline is even 14.8%. The drop is related to stricter environmental laws in the country.

The data were recently released by the Chinese Agriculture Department. Total amount of live pigs produced in professional pig slaughterhouses in June was 15,899,100 head.

Shortage of live pigs

The figures fit in a longer trend. Total pig numbers offered for slaughter have been low since January, which can be explained by a shortage of live pigs, causing pig prices to rise. The shortage is due to the novel and tougher environmental laws which cause many pig farmers to give up their pig farming career all over China.

Right now, bans on farming and sewage disposal laws – as well as the (re)construction of more farms, are important steps to achieve a more developed, healthy, green and environmentally-friendly pig industry.

Environmentally-friendly animal husbandry conference

Issues like these shall be addressed from October 9-11, during the second China Environmentally-FriendlyAnimal Husbandry Development Conference in Nanjing. The organiser is the AnimalHusbandry and Engineering branch of China Agricultural Engineering institute, the website Chinabreed and the online store 3banfu.

Farmers, feed mills and companies will discuss the new environment protection law, analyse the good cases of environmental farming from various parts of China, and share the advanced bio-safety disposal technology of manure and slurry, sewage, dead or sick animals and gasses.