Dutch supermarket chain giant switches to animal-friendly produced pork

02-12-2010 | | |

From this week, Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn will only sell animal friendly produced pork. The official kick off was 30 Nov when the first welfare friendly pig meat was handed over to a Albert Heijn shop in The Hague by Mr Henk Bleker, Secretary at the Department for Economic Affairs.


Around mid 2011, all the Albert Heijn stores will be selling the new pork labelled “Better Living”. In total this will be pork from 1 million pigs from around 150 farms.
Bleker named this imitative “Good for the pig and good for the farmer” and addressed that average sales of the welfare friendly pork in the Netherladnds increased with more than 60% in the second half of 2009 and the first half of 2010. “I expect a further increase now that Albert Heijn switched to selling this meat as well” said Bleker.
Star system

The animal friendly pork, including a star system to rank the level of welfare is an initiative from the Animal Protection Group in the Netherlands. The more stars the product has, the better the life of the animal was. Albert Heijn will sell meat with one star.
Vion Group

The Vion Food Group is supplier of the animal-friendly produced meat. Director Ties Pronk commented: “The pork distinguishes itself by the higher level of animal welfare. The pigs have more living space than pigs produced in conventional farms, have toys in the barns and are not castrated.