Dutch pork gains entrance to the Chinese market

20-09-2011 | | |

Dutch pig producers will be able to produce for the Chinese market for the first time this fall, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reveals.

The Dutch Product Board for Livestock, Meat and Eggs reported that two Dutch pork processing companies have received a thumbs-up from Chinese authorities for shipping pork to China: Vion Food Group, headquartered in Boxtel, and Van Rooi Meat, headquartered in Helmond.

The Dutch government has attempted to open up the Chinese market for its pork products for years. In 2008, an agreement was reached, after which the Chinese have started inspecting Dutch slaughter plants. Until now, only intenstines had been allowed to be exported from the Netherlands to China.

China can become a very important market for Dutch exports as there is a large market for what are considered ‘by-products’ in the Netherlands, like trotters and organs.

Demand to pork is growing rapidly in China, the world’s largest market for pork. According to a report by the Rabobank, a shortage of 2 million metric tons could be possible if China will not step up its imports.

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