Development of Australian market for British pork

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Development of Australian market for British pork
Development of Australian market for British pork

Now the Australian market is open to British pork, BPEX is taking part in a major exhibition down under to develop the market.

The Fine Food Australia exhibition takes place in Sydney from 9 to 12 September. Australia is a net importer of pork, all of which is used for further processing i.e. to be pre-cooked for the production of processed pork products with the aim of protecting the pig health status of this island nation.

The UK joins other EU countries which already have access to the markets, with some of them exporting sizeable volumes of pork. Fine Food Australia is the major showcase for Australian and imported food.

BPEX export manager Jean-Pierre Garnier said: “We are very upbeat with the potential of British pork in Australia. Obviously, we face tough competition from established exporters such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA and from new entrants such as Belgium who are pushing hard to gain market share and will also be exhibiting at the show.

“We aim to offer consistent, high quality pork produced to the Red Tractor mark which includes welfare standards. Australia is one of the countries where farm animal welfare really counts.

Our participation in Fine Food Australia comes at a time when UK exports of pork, pig offal and sausages are booming. Increasing the number of outlets for our product can only be a good thing.”

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