Denmark: premium welfare system for pork

14-09-2016 | | |
Denmark premium welfare system for pork. Photo: Henk Riswick
Denmark premium welfare system for pork. Photo: Henk Riswick

The Danish authorities will launch a new 3-star welfare label for pork. 1 star refers to ‘good’, 2 stars to ‘better’ and 3 stars to ‘top welfare’. Danish parliament approved this system earlier this year.

In about a year, Danish consumers can choose how much they are prepared to pay for the level of pig welfare on the basis of the 3-star welfare system. The system has been set up by the Danish ministry of Environment and Food, various animal welfare organisations, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (L&F), meat processor Danish Crown, a large nationwide butcher organisation and 4 retailers, including Aldi and Lidl.

The veterinary and food authorities aim to ‘guarantee’ the contents behind the stars. This will enhance the system’s credibility.

Star rating conditions

The meat of pigs having 3 stars is already available on the Danish market; it just didn’t have the stars as yet. New is the meat of pigs having 1 or 2 stars.

It is expected that the meat will cost 15-20% more than meat from conventionally farmed pigs. Producers will get about a year to make necessary investments to meet certain stars.

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Wim Verseput Correspondent