Darling finalises acquisition of Rothsay

29-10-2013 | | |
Darling finalises acquisition of Rothsay
Darling finalises acquisition of Rothsay

Darling International has completed its acquisition of Rothsay, the rendering and biodiesel division of Maple Leaf Foods. The purchase price for the transaction was approximately CAD $645 million (€449.3 million) in cash.

Darling International Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Randall Stuewe said, “We are excited to add the Rothsay assets and employees to our portfolio. Together we will bring new solutions and opportunities to our many customers across North America.”

Darling International is the largest and only publicly traded provider of rendering and bakery residuals recycling solutions to the US food industry. The company recycles beef, poultry and pork by-product streams into useable ingredients such as tallow, feed-grade fats, meat and bone meal, poultry meal and hides.

Rothsay is the leading recycler of animal by-products in Canada and provides an essential service for the efficient and environmentally responsible collecting, processing and recapturing of edible and inedible by-products. Rothsay processes raw materials into finished products of fats and proteins. Rothsay has a network of five rendering plants in Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia and a biodiesel operation in Quebec, Canada.

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