Danish Crown into heavier pigs

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Danish Crown into heavier pigs
Danish Crown into heavier pigs

Danish Crown is aiming for heavier finisher pigs. By January 2014, the Danish meatpacker plans to increase the standard carcass weight by 4 kg.

Danish Crown said that this is beneficial to suppliers as well as more efficient in the slaughterhouses.

A spokesperson for the pork division DC Pork said: “The market developed. We can sell heavier parts and we should use that potential.”

In calculations, pig suppliers would be able to improve their prices by €1.90/ finisher. For producers of grower pigs, this would be over €1.

Until now, Danish Crown used as standard carcass weight (dead weight) a minimum of 70 kg with a maximum of 85.9 kg. As from this week, Danish Crown will pay a price/ kg of €1,543. Prices are lower for all pigs outside the standard weights.

ter Beek
Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world