Coming soon: Webinar on pork quality

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Coming soon: Webinar on pork quality
Coming soon: Webinar on pork quality

Consumers are increasingly critical of pork products they opt for, in restaurants, at retailers or in the market place. How can producers anticipate on those market demands when the pigs are growing? How to enhance meat tenderness? And how to avoid boar taint when not castrating? An upcoming webinar will provide answers.

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The webinar will be held on Tuesday November 16 at 11am Central European Time (CET) and is supported by Impextraco, CJ Bio and VIV Europe. In the webinar, speakers will talk about various nutritional strategies on how to positively influence pork quality outcome. We will also spend attention to how raising boars can definitely lead to a high and consistent pork quality – with sustainable side-effects as well.


Speakers at the Pork Quality webinar

Dr Ir Gé Backus, director of Connecting Agri & Food, the Netherlands, will zoom in on realising market acceptance for entire male pigs. For many years, he has been on the forefront in the pig industry in Europe to coordinate efforts to constructively move towards the end of castration.

As he will explain, ending the practice is a long-term and complex process, as entire male pigs could be the cause of meat with boar taint. Dr Backus will illustrate how pork supply chains are increasingly better equipped to deal with that challenge.

The next speaker is Dr Diana-Christin Siebert, technical marketing manager at feed additives company CJ Bio. The title of her presentation is “How amino acids influence pork quality.” The presentation will evaluate different amino acids including histidine and their impact on pork meat quality.

Thirdly, Katrien Deschepper will address the audience. She is global technical director at Impextraco. She will discuss the use of a selected combination of diverse bioactive antioxidants during the period just before slaughter to improve different pork meat quality traits, like e.g. shelf life extension and increased tenderness.

Starting time of the Pork Quality webinar

The time of the webinar (November 16, 11am CET) corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 7am
  • London, UK: 10am
  • Kyiv, Ukraine: Noon
  • Moscow, Russia: 1pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 5pm
  • Beijing, China: 6pm
  • Seoul, South Korea: 7pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 7pm
  • Adelaide, SA, Australia: 8.30pm
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: 9pm
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 11pm

Register here for the webinar of November 16  

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