Chinese test acidifier for effects on pig performance

22-08-2011 | | |

Recent trials in China into the use of acidifiers in pig production have indicated that potassium diformate is capable of increasing micro villi in pig intestines by up to 14%.

An MSc thesis at Fujian University, in the South East of China, dived into the effects of a potassium diformate product (Formi, manufactured and marketed by Addcon) on gut morphology – and it was concluded that it supported a healthy gut.

The same trial demonstrated a significant impact on daily gain (+11%) and feed conversion (-9%) in post-weaning piglets.

The product is approved by the European Union as zootechnical additive (performance enhancer) for piglets, fattening pigs and sows – thereby covering the whole pig production chain.

The product is an acidifier consisting of organic acids and their salts, offering a strategy to maintain feed quality, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and to optimise animal performance.

Numerous trials have been carried out world-wide and a Holo-analysis of all trials confirms that Formi improves on average feed intake in swine by 3.5%, weight gain by 8.7% and feed efficiency by 4.2%.

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