China’s hog breeding inventory down 1%

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China s hog breeding inventory down 1%
China s hog breeding inventory down 1%

The Chinese total sow breeding inventory went down by about 1% in September 2013, when compared to one year earlier.

These figures were reported by Ron Lane, senior consultant for Canadian swine breeder Genesus in China, in his Global Market Report at Swineweb.com.

He writes that breeding stock in September 2013 was around 50.68 million sows. Apart from being 1% lower than September 2012, it also meant a decline in comparison to August 2012, when total sow numbers was 50.73 million – a 0.1% decline.

The total on-farm inventory also decline, to 455.10 million in September 2013. This is a 0.2% year-on-year decline. When compared to August 2013, however, there was a slight growth, as in August total on-farm inventory was 451.94 million.

He also writes that profit margins in China are now showing positive returns. In addition, he writes that China’s corn production for this year will be about 210 million tonnes. This means that, again, China will have to increase their imports for this crop year.

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