Carl’s Jr and Hardees join no-stall-pork trend

11-07-2012 | | |

Two more US restaurants have joined the ever increasing group of companies intending to phase out gestation-sow stalls from their pork supply. Carl’s Jr. And Hardees have announced that they will work with suppliers to phase out pork from gestation-sow stalls.

CKE hopes to have transitioned to group-housed pork in ten years, by 2020. The two companies are owned by the CKE Restaurant Incorporation, based in southern California.

US group housing survey
A survey representing 62% of the US’s sows, carried out by the University of Missouri and the NPPC, found that 17% of the gestating sows in 70 large US operations spend some of their time in group housing systems. Some of the firms have a mix of stalls and pen gestation systems. The survey estimates that within two years the number of sows spending some time in group housing will have increased up to 20%.

It is estimated that 30 percent of the US sow herd is group housed.