British bacon may disappear from the menu

07-08-2012 | | |
British bacon may disappear from the menu

The National Pig Association has released a survey that concludes that the climate’s influence on pig feed prices is forcing British producers to quit bacon.

The NPA estimate some 10% of the farmers contributing to the Britain’s weekly pig production may quit production by Christmas. The NPA speculate that 1.5 million rashers of bacon and 2.3 million sausages could disappear weekly from supermarket shelves.

General manager at NPA Zoe Davies said: “If supermarkets see a surge in demand for British products, they may be persuaded to pay our farmers the few extra pennies a kilo more they need to cover their soaring feed bills. So we are asking shoppers, who have always been incredibly loyal in the past, to please be extra careful to look for the British Red Tractor logo on bacon, sausages and pork.”

The cost of pig feed has increased of around 25% in recent weeks, and the current climate of supermarket rivalry in Britain is making supermarkets chary of paying farmers more to cover the extra production costs.