BPEX: Free info offered to farming industry

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BPEX: Free info offered to farming industry
BPEX: Free info offered to farming industry

Information is being offered to the farming industry free by BPEX. BPEX is part of AHDB which maintains a library, both physical and virtual, which is open for the industry and students to use. .

Librarian Amy Cawood said: “The physical library contains a wealth of valuable documents, mostly covering livestock and meat science.

“I also have access to libraries across the globe and, time permitting, I may well be able to undertake searches if people are looking for something specific. In this case I may not always be able to get hold of a document, but at least I can determine if it exists.

“There are very few library services that cover this subject area outside the university sector. The archive also contains a great deal of information about the former Meat and Livestock Commission.

“If people would like to visit that can be arranged but it would have to be by appointment and I would have to fit it in with my working schedule.”

Anybody who would like to find out more about what is available should contact Amy on 02476 478839, or by email, amy.cawood@ahdb.org.uk. There is also an online library catalogue which is still under development but is freely available to anybody – Click here.

Source: BPEX

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