BPEX confidence survey sent out across UK

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BPEX confidence survey sent out across UK
BPEX confidence survey sent out across UK

The annual BPEX confidence survey has been sent out to producers, processors, vets, retailers and foodservice across the industry.

PEX Head of Communications Andrew Knowles said: “This survey gives us a vital snapshot of the industry and, as we have been carrying out the survey for several years now, it also gives us some comparative information.

“I would urge everybody who has received a questionnaire to spend a few minutes filling it in. It also contains a section on BPEX itself and whether or not we have been meeting the needs of the industry.

Help the pig industry

“It gives people the chance to say what BPEX is doing well and where it could do better. The responses from this survey help to determine where BPEX concentrates its resources to help the industry.”

The questionnaire should only take a few minutes to fill in and can, this year, also be completed online.

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BPEX is the organisation for pig levy payers in England and is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).