BoarSORT: New method for boar fattening

19-10-2010 | | |
BoarSORT: New method for boar fattening

For the occasion of the EuroTier 2010 the traditional family enterprise Hölscher + Leuschner presents a new keeping method for boar fattening.

The novelty consists in the gender-mixed keeping in large groups with an automatic feeding and sorting separated by genders.

In Germany this form of boar fattening is rather unknown; in other countries (e. g. England approx. 96% of fattening) it is established. With “boarSORT“ H+L has developed the ideal conception to guarantee a successful boar fattening.
The mixed stabling with boars and female animals in large groups (250 – 400 animals), especially in the case of boars, shows a basically reduced aggression and injury potential. This means less fights for social ranking and this leads to a stress-freer atmosphere. Furthermore, much less basement problems arise.
The feed conversion is much more optimized in the boar fattening; the flesh-creation ability of boars is much higher than the one of castrated animals. During fattening process boars need a qualitative feeding with special food rations. The high growth potential of the boars can only be exhausted with a higher lysine supply, with “boarSORT” boars and sows are automatically fed differently.
When eating, the animals pass through a sorting machine where they are digitally measured and analyzed by a camera. The sorting machine recognizes boars and sows. With additional information like weight the animals are automatically sorted into the respective eating areas. Boars and sows are recognized and differentiated and an optimal feeding adapted to each gender takes place. This means less feed costs and the animals are fed according to their growth behavior. So the best economic results are achieved and highest aspects of animal protection are considered.
Due to different characteristics and carcass structure boars and sows are commercialized differently to be able to reach the ideal point of time and important criteria for an economically advantageous commercialization.