Biomin: focus on gut performance, mycotoxins

22-10-2014 | | |
Biomin to focus on gut health and mycotoxins
Biomin to focus on gut health and mycotoxins

Austrian feed additive company Biomin will sharpen its strategic focus and concentrate on two core competencies: mycotoxin risk management and gut performance. This was announced at the World Nutrition Forum, held last week in Munich.

“Last year we achieved EU registrations for several mycotoxins products. These important milestones, that confirm once again the safety and efficacy of the company’s mycotoxin biotransformation solutions, signal a significant breakthrough in mycotoxin research for us,” Andreas Kern, CEO of Biomin Holding explained.

On the gut performance side, the company succeeded in the EU registration of a poultry probiotic product. Also the company’s products Biotronic Top3 and Digestarom fit in perfectly in the gut performance focus.

The Austrian company will further extend its research facilities in Tulln to focus on these two areas. In 2015, the company will move to its new headquarters at the Erber Group Campus in Getzersdorf, Lower Austria.

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