Belgium slaughtered 12 million pigs in 2011

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Virtually 1 million pigs per month were slaughtered in Belgium in 2011. In total, the country sent 11.8 million pigs to slaughter last year.

This amount equalled 1.1 billion kg of pork.

According to the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy, the number of slaughtered pigs has been growing strongly in the last 32 years, from 1980 until now. In a survey of monthly slaughter information, a growing trend could be seen from 7.9 million pigs to 11.8 per annum.

The Service stated that this points to the relative importance of pigs of the agricultural industry. The increase can be explained as many Dutch and French pigs are being slaughtered in Belgium. These are often grown elsewhere across the border, but are still funded by Belgian money. This could be because of an oversupply of manure in Belgium.

Belgian pork consumption in recent years has shown a stable trend. The country, however, continues to be a net exporter.

Conversely, the number of slaughtered cattle came down in that same timeframe from 1.06 million to 0.86 head.

The majority of all slaughterings (pigs and other animals) takes place in the Dutch speaking Flanders, as well as in the capital district around Brussels.

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