Belarus bans pork import from Lithuania

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Belarus bans pork import from Lithuania
Belarus bans pork import from Lithuania

Belarus has completely banned the import of live pigs and pork from Lithuania after the identification of a new outbreak of African Swine ever (ASF) in the Kaunass area, according to a report by the veterinary service of Belarus.

Previously, Belarus had already restricted the import of pork from Utensky, Panevejsky and Vilnus areas of the country, as ASF was detected in each of these districts.

This time, Belarus veterinary services decided to fully ban import all pork products, as the disease already covered a large part of the country.  Belarus has also banned the import of feed from Lithuania.

The head of the Food and Veterinary service of Lithuania Jonas Milius stated that this could be a problem, as there are several large feed producers which are focused on supplying feed to the countries of the Customs Union.

In particular, he mentioned the company Kauno grudai which also supplies feed under the brand BNS to several farms in Belarus. Currently the company can no longer supply, which may negatively affect its business.

Milius stated that within coming weeks he will be negotiating with the Belarus veterinary services so that the restrictions on feed imports could be lifted.

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