BASF: New enzyme combination for pigs

15-06-2011 | | |

With the introduction of Natuphos 5000 Combi G, BASF is the first to bring an animal feed enzyme combination in granulate form. The new product is a combination of the two BASF feed additives Natuphos and Natugrain TS.

BASF succeeded in unifying the enzymes 3-phytase, beta-xylanase and beta-glucanase in a stable formulation suited particularly well for premixes and pelleting. Like other enzyme products from BASF the new enzyme granulate has a long shelf life. Natuphos 5000 Combi G is used primarily as an additive for pig and poultry feeds.
Customers benefit in particular from the simplified handling and dosing of the new enzyme combination, as compared to the previous separate use of Natuphos and Natugrain TS. The new product makes a significant contribution to reducing complexity for the customer and also helps protect the environment, since less packaging material and transport space are needed.
The enzymes in Natuphos 5000 Combi G counteract the anti-nutritive characteristics of several feed plant components, increasing both the digestibility and energy value of the feed and letting pigs and poultry better utilise the energy and nutrients it contains.
It enables meat to be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, with less feed and reduced excretion of environmentally harmful substances (such as phosphate and ammonia), and thus with a smaller environmental footprint.

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