AveSui 2013: Brazilian meat market will recover

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AveSui 2013: Brazilian meat market will recover
AveSui 2013: Brazilian meat market will recover

After a severe crisis, swine and poultry industry is expected to resume growth this year. Expectation of specialists and producers will be one of the highlights of the industry’s premier event, AveSui, held in Florianópolis (SC).

After a year of crisis for the segment of poultry and swine, marked by an increase in the production costs of meat industry, experts and producers have good reasons to expect a recovery in this sector in 2013, with export growing and the opening of new markets. This moment of recovery in business will be reflected during the main event of the supply chain of pigs and poultry in Brazil: AveSui 2013, held in Florianópolis (SC), May 14-16th.

The pork industry also has seen a drop in production in recent years. The Associação Brasileira da Indústria Produtora e Exportadora de Carne Suína (Abipecs) and Embrapa confirm that the country had a total of 2.44 million heads in 2009. That number dropped to 2.4 million in 2011. In foreign markets, the restrictions imposed by  Russia, Argentina and, most recently, Ukraine markets, harming directly the sector’s performance. Besides, the industry sales of R$ 12 billion a year and concentrates production in about 2 million farms.

In 2012, brazilian production was linked with the rising prices of corn bran (which once had an adjustment of 30%) and soy, limiting the use of the products as animal feed. With this scenario, producers accumulated debts and the price of poultry and pigs increased considerably, pushing inflation. “We’re actually going through a time of adjustment. Last year was a year of break, and this distorts the market. From the moment we have a good crop of soybeans and corn, prices will decline”, says Leonardo Soluguren, managing partner of Clarivi, a consultancy focused on agribusiness and speaker of AveSui.

Therefore, the outlook for 2013 is optimistic, with expected record in Brazil grains production and an increase in production in the United States. “We don´t have a crash prediction in grains market, that adjusted production to demand. This scenario helps reduce costs. This conjuncture will be felt in AveSui when poultry, pig and animal nutrition industries will discuss trends and present situation” considers Andrea Gessulli, director of AveSui. During 2011, the fair generated a total of R$ 400 million in business, but suffered a fall last year due to the crisis in the sector. This year is expected to move same value or slightly above the recorded in 2011.

AveSui will be held in the state that is the birthplace of pig and poultry production in Brazil and have an extensive technical program and also a business fair. The trade show will feature more than 150 domestic and international companies, plus hundreds of products and services in direct contact with an audience that comes from all over the country and abroad. AveSui has already confirmed groups and delegations from 14 countries, including the United States, China, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria, Peru and Angola.

Local for discussion related to agribusiness and to the chains of poultry, pork, biomass and bioenergy, the Panel Conjuntural Market will officially open the XII Poultry and Swine Technical Scientific Seminar in AveSui 2013. This year, the openning theme is “challenges for agribusiness competitive”. Held on May 14, this panel brings renowned experts and will discuss key trends and challenges involving the current Brazilian and worldwide agricultural scenario. On days 15 and 16, the program will emphasize new aspects and trends in ambience, nutrition and welfare in poultry and swine industries.

Another highlight will be the presentation of the “Model Farms for Poultry and Pigs”. An exclusive showroom where trends and innovations in products, from equipment maintenance and the ambience extractors, feeders and drinkers, floors and heaters that help control authoring environment of animals will be presented.

AveSui will take place together with Bioenergy and Biomass Fair and AveSui Animal Rendering that will bring to the show the effectiveness of the union between the agricultural sector and renewable energy with cases of integration between the protein chain, power generation and environmental protection.


For more info: www.avesui.com

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