ASIC launches new website

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ASIC launches new website
ASIC launches new website

Absolute Swine Insemination Company LLC (ASIC), the manufacturer of AbsoluteAMGTM ‘Hydraulic’ Deep Intrauterine Insemination catheters for swine, announced the launch of the brand’s revamped website.

The January 2013 launch is scheduled to coincide with the company’s 10th year anniversary in business.

The new website offers a contemporary look and updated user experience. It features enhanced resources and functionality designed for new customers and strategic end-users.

The site is a genuine resource for farmers and veterinarians, offering essential information downloads; including results and procedures of scientific studies, farm trial analyses and summaries.

Other innovative sections include an upgraded ‘Tutorial’ section—designed to offer valuable information —from heat detection, insemination timing and spreadsheet instructions.

The enhanced ‘Products’ section was made simpler yet affords visitors the ability to see each product with description and larger images that allow for quick decision-making.

An expanded ‘Contact Us’ section offers a comprehensive list of ASIC’s network of distributors worldwide.

The addition of a ‘Videos’ section, highlights the benefits of using ASIC’s patented catheters and demonstrates its ease of use.

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