Argentina may increase pork to Russia

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Argentina may increase pork to Russia
Argentina may increase pork to Russia

Argentina might be increasing shipments of pork to Russia in the near future, replacing the United States market, which currently cannot export meat to Russia because of the recently implemented ban.

According to Russian officials, if the US is going to deal with the ractopamine problem through the WTO complaints, the dispute could take years and during this time the Russian market will continue to be closed to US pork producers.

Thus, the share of US pork in the market could be taken by South American countries and in particular by Argentina

Russia’s Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) said that the Argentinean Ambassador to Russia Juan Carlos did not rule out this possibility during a meeting with Rosselkhoznadzor’s chief and co-chair of the Russian-Argentinean intergovernmental commission for trade-economic and scientific cooperation, Sergei Dankvert.

“The ambassador agreed increasing deliveries of meat from Argentina to Russia, especially given that the US, which supplies the Russian market with 140,000 tonnes of beef and pork a year, has rejected Russia’s demand that ractopamine be absent,” a Rosselkhoznadzor statement says.

Argentina is currently not an active supplier of pork to Russia. In recent years local producers have exported on average about 10,000 tonnes of pork to Russian market. According to experts if the Russia/US ractopamine dispute remain unresolved in 2013 this figure could rise 3-4 times.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent