Argentina: Group housing, electronic feeding for sows

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Argentina: Group housing, electronic feeding stations for sows
Argentina: Group housing, electronic feeding stations for sows

The pig industry in Argentina is moving forward. Here too – partly motivated by concerns for animal well-being – newly built sow houses will be equipped with electronic sow feeding stations.

Within the space of a year, Nedap was contracted to equip the first two houses for groups of sows in Argentina with electronic sow feeding stations. In September 2012, a house owned by AGD with the capacity to hold 1,250 sows started operating in the province of Córdoba. In June this year, a festive open day marked the opening by Cooperativa Agropecuaria, part of General Paz, of a new sow house with an initial capacity of 1,000 animals in Marcos Juárez in Córdoba. The sow house was equipped by 3K Pig Quality using Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding.

The opening of the new house in June also heralded a strategic alliance between Cooperativa General Paz and Génétiporc. The sow house – which will be used in this partnership as a breeding facility – can currently accommodate 1000 sows. The capacity of this house is planned to expand to 4000 sows in two years’ time. The foundations for this expansion have already been laid.

Cooperativa General Paz’s choice for group housing and electronic sow feeding stations was driven by a desire to house their pigs in a way that accords with the public demand for good well-being standards. The organisation is also convinced of the benefits of this form of animal housing and management in relation to productivity and technical results: a higher number of piglets per sow per year and a higher birth weight.

After comparing the electronic feeding stations for sows offered by various producers, Cooperativa General Paz opted for Nedap. The robust, simple and easy to manage system, the animal-friendly feeding stations and the easy to operate software were decisive factors in their choice.

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