Antitox sees revenue increasing due to increased food safety awareness

22-06-2012 | | |

Preventive safety measures by food and feed manufacturers are behind major business growth says Anitox. The company expects 2012 revenues to rise by 16%.

Antitox attributes the increase to a rapid increase in demand for its range of products, which are used at more than 340 sites in 61 countries worldwide and annually treats over 34 million tonnes of feed and feed materials.

Anitox develops and manufactures anti-microbial products which improve the safety of animal feeds, raw materials and foodstuffs for human consumption. They also help livestock producers and feed manufacturers to reduce their production costs and improve operating efficiency, as well as meeting due-diligence requirements by supplying pathogen-free feed.

The company has invested significantly in its business and sales revenues have increased substantially for the last five years. This has been driven by new developments, such as the launch of the Anitox Maxi-Mil range worldwide in 2008, the availability of Maxi-Mil A in 2009 and the opening of subsidiary businesses in Brazil and China during 2011.

Outlining the company’s future strategy Roger Mann, Regional Director for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific (EMEA), states:

“Increasingly-stringent food safety legislation, together with greater pressure from consumers for safer food has substantially increased demand for our products and we expect this to increase further in the future.

“Going forward, our vision is to be the global expert providing solutions to food and feed safety issues, and products which increase production efficiency. We will achieve that by developing, a robust, uninterrupted product supply chain and providing a high level of support via our team of highly-skilled technical experts.

“Very recently, Anitox launched two new products into the USA, one for the petfood sector and one for the bio-fuels market. We strongly believe that these will broaden and further enhance our offering in these sectors and anticipate bringing them to other parts of the world in the very near future.”

A key product in the company’s success to date, Termin-8 biocide, was developed by Anitox to provide effective control of gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli, gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, together with spore-forming bacteria such as Clostridium in feed and raw materials. The product also protects feed against recontamination in the mill, during transport and on the farm for up to 21 days, a claim which has been verified by The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

The Maxi-Mil range of milling efficiency products allows manufacturers of pelleted feeds to reduce shrink/process loss, lower press energy use, increase pellet durability, reduce fines, enhance digestibility, reduce die and roll wear and optimise their carbon footprint. Extensive field trials in more than 50 countries have proven that Maxi-Mil also facilitates a substantial increase in press throughput and improves pellet durability.

The Anitox product line currently includes Monoprene biocide, together with MonoProp, Punch and Fungex mould inhibitors, fungicides and preservatives, plus Blue Royale water treatment and Sorb-It toxin binder.

Anitox, which is ISO 9001:12000 and GMP+ Certified, has an international network dedicated to providing top-quality products which are supported by the best technical service, engineers and customer service representatives. The company supplies more than half of the world’s Top 30 feed manufacturers and has recently announced further development of its global distribution network with the appointments of agents in Egypt, Hungary and Pakistan.

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