Alltech meeting identifies various new agri issues

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Alltech meeting identifies various new agri issues
Alltech meeting identifies various new agri issues

Six new agricultural production issues were identified after a meeting in China with top agribusiness companies, research institutes and universities from nine countries who were there to review their current activities with the Alltech Research Alliance.

The Alltech Research Alliance programme was designed to stimulate multi-discipline teamwork, to provide access to joint funding, research efforts and intellectual property and to contribute to science and education initiatives with its partners.

Since 2004, the Alltech Research Alliance has built collaborative research curriculums with 12 universities and seven global agribusinesses or research institutes from China (eight), Japan, Australia, the United States (three), Ireland, Norway, the UK, India and France. Alliances continue to be made as Alltech deepens its research partnerships throughout the world

The Alltech Research Alliance meeting identified the following key issues:

1.      Fertility and increasing offspring per breeding animal

2.      Novel feed analysis systems that contribute to improved production efficiency

3.      Gut health management tools and disease models for defining immunity, productivity

4.      Antibiotic-free animal production programmes

5.      Nutritional enrichment tools for improving meat, milk and eggshell quality

6.      Defining alternative ingredients and processes that improve aquaculture diets

“Through research on these issues, the Alltech Research Alliance hopes to address real needs and become the most productive innovator, implementing both new technologies along with systems and services to achieve sustainable profitability for our customers,” Dr Karl Dawson, Alltech’s chief scientific officer and global research director said.

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