Aco Funki showing new Multibox Comfort for sows at EuroTier

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Aco Funki showing new Multibox Comfort for sows at EuroTier

Danish equipment manufacturer Aco Funki will show a number of novelties at the upcoming EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany – among them a new type of crate for group housed sows in gestation.


The new Multibox Comfort 2013, a free access stall for group housed gestation sows, comes with a new lock and unlock mechanism, which allows sows to activate the entrance function of the box by their own. Thereby they can at anytime go into or leave the pen and can freeely choose their laying area.

Additionally the pigs are saved from jousting and injuries. The new crates come in two sizes. Standard is the length of about 2.05 m inside. Combined with a suspended trough a length of 1.85 m is also available.

Other novelties include:

Bigger hopper

The offer of three feed consistencies at the same time (pulp feed, dry feed or fresh water) for weaners and finishers is the considered concept of the 3in1 NX.The hopper volume has now been enlarged up to 120 litres, so that often one feeding period each day can be saved.

Mixing tank for liquid feed

This mixing tank for liquid feed comes with an asymmetrical agitator.The tank is screwed together with ring-elements made of GRP, which are tripartite. Due to the asymmetrical agitator a better mixing of the feed will be reached.

Optimum silo plants drainage

The new separation sink NW 300 has been added for an environmentally friendly drainage of silo plants. The collecting of percolation water and rainwater can be reduced by dividing of the plates with own separation flow by about 30% to 50%.

Sustainable surface protection

Protect Basis and Protect Top are both surface protection agents for farm building floors. By the solidification and sealing the concrete areas will be protected from aggressive mediums such as acids and bases. The Protect range reduces the absorption of water and has an antiseptic effect. The range is harmless to the health of people and animals.

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