AB Neo and Bristol University delve into early piglet feeding

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AB Neo and Bristol University delve into early piglet feeding

UK based animal nutrition company AB Neo has embarked on a research project with Bristol University to confirm the mode of action of its new product for pigs.

The product (Axcelera-P) is claimed to deliver lifetime performance in pigs when offered to piglets from day four to weaning. The exact mode of action is difficult to say and multifactorial, but it is know that early life events (feeding) can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microbiota and immune responses, as seen in humans and in laboratory rodents.

Bristol research to focus on 3 areas

AB Neo believes that this is also true of neonatal pigs. The idea that dietary manipulation of the neonatal intestinal environment has such long-term programming effects is the basis for the accelerator category. To further study this, the UK company teamed up with Bristol University to focus on three areas: 1) early diets in piglet and its effect on microbiota, 2) the diet and microbiota program long-term effects on the developing metabolic system of the piglets and 3) the effect of diet, microbiota and metabolism program on the piglet immune system.

An interview with Paul Toplis, AB Neo’s Technical Director (Swine) can be read in Pig Progress magazine (issue 30.10)

Emmy Koeleman Previous editor All About Feed & Dairy Global