Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including business expansions into India, mycotoxins report highlights, the launch of a pig traceability solution, and a partnership to ensure more tactical use of data for pig producers. This and more.

Optifarm and Farmex collaboration aims to improve management

Farmex generates and analyses data from farms through Barn Report Pro while Optifarm has an app that uses data from various sources and employs AI to analyse measured parameters and look for any anomalies. Barn Report Pro and the Optifarm app have teamed up to ensure easier access and tactical use of data for both pig and poultry farmers.

DSM publishes animal nutrition report on early-stage nutrition

Producing resilient animals requires optimal conditions at early life stages, wherein strategic nutrition solutions support future growth processes and performance outcomes. DSM has compiled an animal nutrition report which offers the company’s perspective on the key considerations that support healthy farm animals throughout the lifecycle.

MSD Animal Health UK launches pig traceability solution

Photo: MSD Animal Health UK
Photo: MSD Animal Health UK

To improve traceability in the UK pork supply chain and support high welfare pig production, MSD Animal Health UK launched LeeO Precision Farming B.V. (LeeO), a real-time monitoring system, at The British Pig & Poultry Fair in May. The technology originates from the Netherlands and enables producers to collect data about individual pigs across entire herds, and monitor their performance from birth to slaughter.

Lanxess develops biosecurity solutions app

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has developed a Lanxess Biosecurity Solutions app for farmers and veterinarians to enable them to protect livestock quickly and effectively in the event of disease outbreaks. The new app, which offers functions tailored to the needs of farmers and veterinarians, is now available.

Ceva Animal Health launches new pig vaccination device

At the recently held British Pig & Poultry Fair in the UK, Ceva Animal Health launched a new pig vaccination device – the Easi smart injector. It features a fully open treatment device, full traceability and recording, an accurate vaccination report and controlled dosing on farm.

DSM-Firmenich Mycotoxin Survey highlights mycotoxin threats

DSM-Firmenich has released the results of the World Mycotoxin Survey from January to March 2024. A total of 5,383 samples were collected and analysed from 64 countries worldwide. The results concluded that Fusarium mycotoxins, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone and fumonisins are most frequently found, with the highest regions of mycotoxins found in North and Central America, South Asia, South East Asia and China and Taiwan.

Nutreco announces new approach to sustainability reporting and emissions reduction

Nutreco has announced a new approach to sustainability reporting, starting with its 2023 report. Instead of publishing 1 comprehensive Sustainability Report on Earth Day, as it did previously, the team will publish sustainability results and case studies more frequently throughout the year and release a more concise and compliance-focused report later in the year.

MSD Animal Health introduces real-time monitoring device for pigs

At the British Pig & Poultry Fair, MSD Animal Health introduced LeeO, real-time monitoring for pigs, which enables producers to capture and monitor important events in the lifecycle of individual pigs through electronic identification tags. The cloud-based system can be integrated into existing systems and the tracking and monitoring solution works with ear tags, readers, scales and a mobile device to capture key lifecycle events of individual sows.

Lallemand’s journey to more resilient selenized yeast production

Lallemand is making significant investments in one of its selenized yeast plant in Felixstowe in the UK. This is one of the company’s main production sites for selenium-enriched yeast, Alkosel, for which a specific production process has been developed. Alkosel is produced by fed-batch culture: nutrients, including selenium, are supplied incrementally to the growing cells.

Agrifirm’s ‘healthy soil – healthy future’ regenerative agriculture programme

With the programme ‘healthy soil – healthy future’, Agrifirm is developing science-based regenerative agricultural practices to specifically enhance soil health, promoting biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change, while at the same time reducing inputs. These practices are building a framework to support farmers transition from conventional approaches towards sustainable regenerative farming. The company aims to extend their farmer network. For more information, click here. agrifirm.com/regenerative

Clemens Food Group acquires Kunzler to strengthen pork processing capabilities

Clemens Food Group, the fifth-largest pork processor in the US, has announced its acquisition of Kunzler & Co., a family-owned pork company based in Pennsylvania. This acquisition includes all 3 Kunzler plants – 2 located in Tyrone and 1 in Lancaster, expanding Clemens’ operational footprint in the state.

Nuqo expands into India

Nuqo, a feed additives company headquartered in Europe, has opened its new affiliate in India. The company develops technologies based on the micro-encapsulation of metabolites from plants and seaweed. In recent years, Nuqo has established regional hubs in Thailand and Mexico.

Leman China Swine Conference and World Swine Industry Expo reach a partnership with France SPACE

Leman China Swine Conference and World Swine Industry Expo recently reached a partnership agreement with France’s SPACE International Livestock Exhibition, and will carry out extensive cooperation in pig industry technology exchange, industrial cooperation, and other aspects.

Vion makes CO2 footprint in pork chain insightful and transparent

Photo: Vion
Photo: Vion

Vion says it has succeeded in calculating the CO2 footprint of pork from a large group of pig farmers at farm level with actual data. Vion commissioned the development of the CO2 footprint calculator, which was developed with data company ImpactBuying and uses the calculation method published by Wageningen University & Research for pork. With this calculator, Vion provides insight into the total CO2 emissions in the production chain of pork products, from the seed for the feed to the transport of the final product to the shop. This allows Vion to work with pig farmers, transporters and retail organisations on measures to reduce the CO2 footprint in the chain.

Dubreton concerned over Quebec pork industry report

DuBreton has expressed concerns about the conclusions of the recent report on the pork industry in Quebec, which highlights the many weaknesses of Quebec’s pork industry and shows that the unit cost of pork production is 19% higher in Quebec than in Ontario. “These figures speak for themselves: the competitiveness of the pork sector in the province of Quebec is weaker than that of Ontario, and we believe that outdated Quebec regulations have a lot to do with it.”

Announcing Fortiva – ingredients for pig/poultry/dairy health

Fortiva, formerly PMI Additives, serves large integrators and producers, veterinarians, independent nutritionists, feed manufacturers, co-ops and dealers throughout the US by offering the pig, poultry, dairy and cattle industries a portfolio of non-medicated feed additives designed to work with an animal’s physiology to support animal resilience.

The National Farm Management Conference will focus on intelligent management

The National Farm Management Conference will return to the QEII Centre in London on 7 November 2024. Run by the Institute of Agricultural Management, this year’s conference will explore intelligent management for the future, covering innovations in intelligent farm systems and how people management and a range of new technical and business skills, including automation and AI, remain vital. The event includes an opening session from Máximo Torero, chief economist at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. He will share set the global scene with a view on commodity prices, input costs and outline the challenges of scarcity of supply and cost inflation.

Novus names new business director in Asia

Rajeev Murthy has joined Novus as senior director and managing director of Asia Pacific. Originally from Bangalore, India, Murthy brings with him over 25 years of industry experience and will focus on steering the intelligent nutrition company’s strategy in this market. “For swine, we need to investigate ways to return to a profitable operation in a world that is still impacted by challenges resulting from African Swine Fever,” he says.

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