Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including new swine syringes and biosecurity features, pig enrichment that helps to prevents tail biting, and the launch of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae eradication roadmap. This and more.

Farm Health Guardian launches new biosecurity feature

Launching at the World Pork Expo, Farm Health Guardian’s newest feature enables farm managers and veterinarians to verify biosecurity compliance. ‘Rules’ for trucks and trailers can be configured so that specific vehicles are assigned to a property group, property flow or visit order, or even if a truck wash is required prior to a visit.

Photo: ThaMa-Vet

ThaMa-Vet introduces fixed dosage swine syringes 

ThaMa-Vet has launched 2 new swine syringes that combine fixed dosage precision with a transparent barrel. ThaMa 312 and ThaMa 313, the latest additions to the company’s line of automatic swine syringes, are all-metal, fixed-dosage single or double syringes as well as adjustable glass barrel automatic syringes. 

Elanco’s feed enzyme reduces the carbon footprint of pig production

Elanco announced that studies show that its Hemicell XT enzyme in pig diets breaks down the performance-impacting compounds, β-mannans, resulting in less wasted energy and enhanced intestinal integrity, improving animal health and product sustainability, and reducing feed costs and carbon footprint (up to 4.2%). 

Nettex demonstrates that pig enrichment prevents tail biting

Photo: Nettex

Studies carried out by Nettex with piglets given its new 20kg pressed feed block enrichment product CalmBlock shown reductions (12%) in tail biting. These blocks include iron and Phytotec, a blend of plant extracts and yeast components with appetite-stimulating effects. The company also released StopBite, a tail spray with a bitter taste that has sanitising properties and can help to dry minor wounds to enable faster skin healing. 

Boehringer Ingelheim and University of Minnesota launch Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae eradication roadmap

Boehringer Ingelheim and the University of Minnesota have launched the M. hyopneumoniae Eradication Roadmap to guide vets and producers through the M. hyopneumoniae eradication process. The resource incorporates research and guidance pertaining to refined exposure methods, diagnostic questions, day-0 determination and end-of-herd-closure confirmations, among others. 

Boehringer Ingelheim lends support to expand footprint of ‘At The Meeting’

Boehringer Ingelheim sponsors the swine industry podcast ‘At the Meeting’. Hosted by veterinarians and industry thought leaders, ‘At The Meeting’ brings listeners the latest in swine health industry news and addresses pork industry issues through conversations with other industry leaders.

Adisseo announces the third edition of its International Research Grant

Adisseo’s grant will allocate €1 million over the next 3 years to fund research projects addressing key challenges in animal nutrition, investigating nutritional approaches for swine and poultry. Proposals must focus on sustainable solutions that address the global challenges of climate change and applying the One Health concept in animal production. The pre-proposal application period is open until 2 September.

Novus’ new global headquarters is focused on the future

Photo: Novus International

Novus International is focusing on research, new product development, and innovation in a new place to call home in the US. The company has moved its global headquarters in Missouri to 17988 Edison Avenue in St. Louis. The new space features a new in-house lab, and houses members of the company’s executive leadership team, legal and regulatory, finance, human resources, operations, supply chain, and logistics. 

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