Brazil’s pork exports peak despite Covid-19

Brazil has been successful in January and February with regard to exporting pork. Photo: Shutterstock
Brazil has been successful in January and February with regard to exporting pork. Photo: Shutterstock

Brazil’s pork exports (including all products from fresh to processed) reached 135,900 tonnes in the 1st 2 months of 2020. That means a 32.4% year-on-year growth.

Due to new price levels (23.9% higher), the sales for that period generated a revenue of US$ 319.1 million, which is 66.2% higher than that recorded in the 1st 2 months of 2019, with US$ 192 million.

Ricardo Santin, executive director of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), said, “The average export price remains high, pressured by a strong Asian demand for animal protein. The impacts of African Swine Fever in markets such as China and Vietnam kept shipments high, at levels a-typical for the period.”

February saw record growth of pork to China

According to ABPA, especially February was an extraordinary month for the sector, predominantly when looking to China. The Asian country demanded 161% more Brazilian pig meat in that month.

In total, Brazil sold 67,400 tonnes only in February. The number is a record for the month and exceeded the volume shipped in the same period of 2019 by 24.7%. The monthly export revenue reached US$ 154.9 million, 54.6% higher than the result obtained in the 2nd month of 2019, with US$ 100.2 million.

Francisco Turra, ABPA president, added, “The specific logistical issues arising from the Covid-19 control actions did not generate significant impacts on the final balance of Brazilian exports. Logistical adjustments ensured operations in the Chinese market. The Chinese government prioritises the transit of food.”

Brazilian pork in demand from Japan

In addition, Japan also increased its pork purchases from Brazil, with a total of 678 tonnes in February, 239% higher than same month in 2019.

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Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil