Zinpro: 1st symposium on sow lameness

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The world’s first symposium on sow lameness will take place in Minneapolis on April 2-4, 2008.

It is an invitation-only event, organised by Zinpro Performance Minerals®, bringing together an expert international panel of nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal scientists to share their knowledge with the swine industry. Attendees from 21 countries are expected.

Sow Lameness Project
In 2004, the company joined with other individuals in the industry to form the ‘Feet Firstâ„¢ Sow Lameness Project’ to investigate the complex issue of sow lameness.

Feet First leading member, Dr. John Deen, University of Minnesota, says sow lameness is a significant problem. “We’ve recognised that this is a major and perhaps worsening issue and we hope the symposium will provide valuable discussion toward the ultimate goal of reducing lameness and improving sow herd health through better feet”.

Areas to be discussed at the symposium include: lameness prevalence, lesion type and severity, risk factors, pathology, epidemiology, productivity, economic consequences and possible solutions.

According to Dr. Terry Ward of Zinpro Corporation, there is much to learn about sow lameness and “we feel that this symposium will become a regular event as there are many important questions about sow lameness to which pork producers, their nutritionists and veterinarians want more answers”.

More information about the Symposium can be obtained from Zinpro at the following email address: feetfirst@zinpro.com

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