Zimbabwe embarks on a pig outgrower programme

07-12-2006 | |

Tripple C, a local pig company in Zimbabwe, has embarked on a pig outgrower programme, which is aimed at increasing pig production in the country following years of constant decline.

Under this initiative, farmers do not have to invest in the major cost and scientific complexities of breeding, rearing and weaning. The pig company will provide weaners produced from advanced international genetics.

The Zimbabwean Pig Industry Board (BIP) has embarked on a turnaround strategy aimed at enhancing capacity utilisation in the livestock sector.

Tripple C general manger, Mark Swannack, has urged the Grain Marketing Board to deregulate the marketing of yellow maize to allow the private sector to partner with growers, adding that the stockfeed security is a prerequisite for successful pig production.

Zimbabwe’s national sow herd for the PIB has been increased to 15,500 by November 30 with the board targeting 28,000 herd by end of 2008.

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